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About Us

Wait Staff Temp Agency is a restaurant temporary staffing and a permanent placement agency serving the Durham Region.


Our company has 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

Wait Staff Temp Agency supplies experienced on demand restaurant staff such as servers, bartenders, supervisors and managers, kitchen staff for either a temporary or permanent basis to help with your restaurants staffing shortages.


Locating the right candidate can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. Our company can assist with placing an experienced restaurant staff to cover one shift for one day, multiple shifts throughout the week or month, cover your peak seasons, or special events. 

Wait Staff Temp Agency can save you copiously on wasted payroll or recruiting costs and time. Our clients pay one nominal monthly fee. We pay into staff’s Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI), cover WSIB, vacation pay, payroll, and track and clock each temp’s hours plus look after all the T'4's and maintain and keep employee files. 

We look after it all for you. 

No more payroll. No more hassle. 

Wait Staff Temp Agency understands your restaurant is busy and struggles to set aside time to find capable, experienced staff such as server(s), supervisor(s), manager(s), bartender(s) and kitchen staff. Such as combing through endless resumes, contacting and screening candidates, interviewing and, ultimately scrambling to find the right candidate. Wait Staff Temp Agency obtains current pre-approved staffing profiles so we can match-fit with your restaurant.  

We select candidates based on their experience, personality, communication capabilities, appearance, restaurant acumen, and etiquette. Candidates that posses this blend of qualities make for more qualified employees. 

Contact us by phone or email with the time and date you need staffed and we’ll provide you with one of our qualified restaurant staff.  

It's just that easy.